Obama , Nuclear and free speech...

From: deb@nukebusters.org
> To: can@nukebusters.org
> Subject: the way obama works.
> Dear Friends,
> Obama...GNEP (spent fuel dumping & reprocessing) & lack of freedom of
> speech...
> We wanted to let you know how the Obama campaign treats people concerned
> about his position on GNEP and nuclear issues...
> At the big Obama-Oprah rally here in Columbia, South Carolina on Sunday,
> a few of us decided to hold up signs at the entrance to the venue
> (university football stadium) against Obama's support of research into
> GNEP. You may have noticed at the Democratic debate two weeks ago in Las
> Vegas that he said he supported nuclear power and that Argonne lab in
> Illinois was conducting promising research on how to manage nuclear
> waste (uh, GNEP that is). If GNEP goes forward, South Carolina (Savannah
> River Site & the old Barnwell reprocessing plant) is perhaps the main
> site being considered to receive the nation's spent nuclear fuel.
> When we arrived at the stadium entrance with a few posterboard signs the
> Obama people were all over us, trying to kick us off the property. They
> said we could go to the "free speech" area that was several blocks away.
> Hm...sure sounds like a tactic of a certain president who could care
> less about free speech. We didn't leave and they got the police to come,
> who forced us off the property and to the sidewalk across the street
> (where people entering the stadium could still see us). The stadium,
> they said, was rented by the Obama campaign and it was not a public area
> any more. Hunh?! One of us returned to the stadium property with a sign
> and a police officer pursued her and shoved her in the back, making sure
> to be out of camera range.
> So, we wanted to let you know about these tactics of the Obama campaign
> to stifle free speech. Is the campaign really about the change it
> claims? The reaction was shocking and unanticipated by us. If anyone has
> heard of his campaign applying this tactic at others sites please let us
> know. And, if anyone has heard him say more about GNEP and reprocessing
> please pass it on. And, how much money is he taking from the nuclear
> industry (while claiming to take no money from special interests)?? And
> Oprah, is she also pro-GNEP and anti-free speech? Say it ain't so!
> Regards,
> Tom Clements
> Leslie Minerd
> Elaine Cooper
> (now headed to the Obama offcie to talk about this.,..if you don't hear
> from us again se