Environmental Justice - Race, Class, and Energy Issues.

Friends, forgive my sending you information twice in one day. This is an important event for our area and I urge you to attend all or part of it. Thanks, Doug ****************************** Sustainability Energy Summit, Smith College,April 28th ******************************* We have more than 100 people pre-registered as of today . .. and we're expecting two to three times that at the event. Please help us get the word out. Please forward this email to people you know who care about our energy future . . . those who know a lot already and those who are new to these ideas and would appreciate having a supportive place to learn more about them! ***************************** There will be dozens of great participatory workshops, community dialog sessions, exhibitors (the indoor exhibit space is already filled), kids programs (pre-registration required) and wonderful keynote presentations to help keep us up-to-date on what's happening with environmental and economic justice, climate change, peak oil, and more. **************************** Richard Heinberg is coming back
to our region to give the keynote presentation on Community Solutions to Peak Oil. He'll be running a small group workshop and supporting the community dialog sessions we're having on wind turbine siting and biomass plant siting. We're excited to have Richard coming to talk more with us about successful ways communities around the country are shifting their dependence off of fossil fuels. ************************** Gus Newport is joining us from New Orleans to support our day-long session on Environmental Justice - Race, Class, and Energy Issues. We have many low-income folks and people of color participating in this session to help move along our efforts to build a multi-class, multi-racial movement for a sustainable and just energy future. Gus was the first black mayor of Berkeley CA and is known nationally for his work in revitalizing low-income communities. Gus will also give a keynote address in our opening plenary session. ************************** The Community Dialog sessions on siting wind and biomass plants are a big experiment on how to move beyond polarization. We've created a program that will encourage people to look at the facts and opinions and find common ground on these issues key to our energy future. *************************** Please spread the word. We want to be sure that everyone who'd like to come, knows about this great program that's been built by so many volunteers and organizations! ********************************** Go to www.cooppower.coop for the link to register. (Early registration discounts end tonight. Pre-registration discounts availalbe for on-line registration before the event. Scholarships and work exchanges available.) I've attached the schedule for your info! ************************************* Thanks for your help with this! Lynn Lynn Benander Manager, Co-op Power 413-772-8898