Conference on alternative fuel and energy effiviency


June 14-15, 2007
President Hotel - Kyiv, Ukraine


What could possibly spring to mind on a warm July’s night walking around the green streets of Kyiv? The options are endless, and no doubt some would feel sorry for the fact that environmentally friendly city groves with fresh air and clean water disappear on a daily basis.

Currently, production of alternative fuels and energy neither solves all the problems of environment contamination nor guarantees a sustainable energy resources supply for the needs of global economy. They simply give hope that sooner or later, the mankind would stop the self-destruction process

The 2nd international conference Alternative Fuel and Energy Efficiency – 2007 (President Hotel, 12 Gospitalna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine, on 14-15 June) is penciled to prove that far from being unreal, the projects on alternative fuels production hold much potential and could be developed not only in buoyant EU environment but in the CIS countries.

The conference is organized by Toplivnaya Alternativa consultancy, Ukraine’s national Agency on efficient energy resources usage (NAER), and Energobusiness company. The conference organizational panel is chaired by NAER head Yevgen Sukhin.

The forum will include sessions on synthetic fuel, biodiesel, bioethanol, wood pellets and energy conservation, with focus on governmental participation in the “alternative” projects.

Perspectives of alternative energy production projects will be evaluated governmental officials from Ukraine, Russia and EU countries. The conference will be attended by leading engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, farming industry companies, R&D centres from Ukraine, CIS and the EU.

The previous 2006 conference in Kyiv attracted over 130 delegates from seven countries (the conference track record is here). One year later, urgency of alternative fuel production projects and energy saving technologies implementation has rocketed. This highlights the relevance of Alternative Fuel and Energy Efficiency – 2007 forum.

We will be delighted to see you at the conference.

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Organizational panel of 2nd international conference
Alternative Fuel and Energy Efficiency – 2007

We are happy to answer any questions about the conference.

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