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EU: UPDATE 2 ON Krsko. Slovenian authorities inform. Reactor is completely shut down. Leak confined. Situation fully under control
/noticias.info/ For the sake of transparency, the Commission has informed earlier today about the alert message from Slovenia at 17h38 local time about the loss of coolant that has occurred in the primary cooling system of the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant. The Krško Nuclear Power Plant is located in Krško, in South-West Slovenia.

According to the last information received by the Slovenian authorities, the reactor of the Nuclear Power Plant of Krsko has been completely shut down at 19h30. The relatively small leakage remained within the containment building. The Slovenian authorities have confirmed that there has been no discharge to the environment. The situation can be considered fully under control.

The Commission immediately transmitted this information to all Member States.

The European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange (ECURIE) system is the technical implementation of the Council Decision 87/600/Euratom on Community arrangements for the early notification and exchange of information in the event of a radiological or nuclear emergency. This 87/600 Council Decision requires from the ECURIE Member States that they promptly notify the European Commission (EC) and all the Member States potentially affected when they intend to take counter-measures if necessary in order to protect their population against the effects of a radiological or nuclear accident. The EC needs to immediately forward this notification to all Member States. Following this first notification, all Member States are required to inform the Commission at appropriate intervals about the measures they take and the radioactivity levels they have measured. All the 27 EU Member States as well as Switzerland have signed the ECURIE agreement.

There is an agreement with the IAEA to exchange notifications by fax with their early notification system ENATOM.

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