OBAMA loves nukes...

WEB EXTRA: Full Transcript of the Debate
Friday, November 16, 2007 Comments by P.Gunter/Beyond Nuclear- see orginal transcript by clicking title
The pro-nuclear pro-polluter presidential candidate
Senator Barak Obama, in last night's Democratic presidential candidate debate, reaffirmed his support of both nuclear power and the oxymoron known as "clean coal". Here's what he said when asked about nuclear power in the context of the waste dilemma and the proposed Nevada dump site at Yucca Mountain:
"...keep in mind that I don't think nuclear power is necessarily our best option. It has to be part of our energy mix. We have a genuine crisis that has to be addressed. And as president, I intend to address it. And here's what we have to do. We have to, first of all, cap greenhouse gases, because climate change is real and it's going to impact Nevada, and it's impacting the entire planet. That means that we're going to have to tell polluters: We're going to charge you money when you send pollution into the air that's creating climate change. That money we can then reinvest in solar, in wind, in biodiesel, in clean coal technology, and in superior nuclear technology."
It's high time that Mr. Obama learned a few more truths about "superior nuclear technology" which, if it ever exists, will be too far into what little future we have left to address climate change in time. He must look to the present and be challenged on specifically what nuclear power can add to "our energy mix" that will serve climate change (aside from more waste with no place to put it, of course.) As for "clean coal"...too bad West Virginia isn't an early primary state.