Close Indian point Nuke once for all- help !

We are at the most critical point in the campaign to close Indian Point and we need your help!

Entergy has filed its application for twenty-year license extensions for the two working reactors at Indian Point. If approved, New Yorkers will have to live until 2035 with ongoing safety problems, environmental and public health threats from 2500 tons of high-level radioactive waste, and emergency plans that don’t work! I hope you will help us make New York a safer place to live--without twenty more years of Indian Point.

Riverkeeper staff attorney Phillip Musegaas and I have been researching the relicensing process and the history of legal challenges to relicensing in the U.S. and have plotted out our course of action. We’ve recently hired Diane Curran, the country’s most knowledgeable and effective attorney on the side of nuclear safety advocates. (Diane is the attorney who, last year, won a landmark case in California which ruled that environmental analysis in relicensing has to consider the threat of terrorist attacks.)

Our team will be addressing the environmental and safety issues at Indian Point including the management of spent fuel pools and Indian Point’s outdated and wasteful cooling system that kills a billion Hudson River fish, eggs, and larvae annually.

We believe we can win, but we need your help!

Riverkeeper friend and supporter David Kowitz has pledged $50,000 to support this vital work. Can you help us raise another $50,000 to match his generous contribution? Your donation will help us secure the resources we need to stop Indian Point from being allowed to operate an additional 20 years!

Our legal battle against Entergy’s relicensing bid presents the best—and last—opportunity to shutter this aging facility once and for all.

Please visit our website at www.riverkeeper.org for updated information on this campaign.

Thanks in advance for your generous support of this vital work.

Best regards,

Lisa Rainwater, PhD
Policy Director

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