One sack was found on the corner of...

Sack With Radioactive Materials Found At Construction Site In Donetsk Region (10:14, Wednesday, March 14, 2007)

A sack with radioactive materials found at construction site in Donetsk region.
The Emergency Situations and Protection of Population from Chornobyl Accident Consequences Ministry disclosed this in a statement.
According to the report, 70x15 centimeter sack reads «Caution! Radioactive!,» and also «Tashkent 1970 Mid-Asian Atomprom.»
One sack was found on the corner of Sybyrska and Ohareva Streets in the morning of March 13.
Level of the radiation exceeds acceptable terms by 83 times.
According to the report, the distance, where the sack was found, to the nearest residential house is 500 meters.
At 3:25 am, Radon organization specialists withdrew the finding and sent to utilization and sanitary station representatives measured the radiation level.
According to the results, there is no threat to the environment.
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