Spread of Nuclear Capability Is Feared -

Spread of Nuclear Capability Is Feared - washingtonpost.comNuclear Energy Could Spark Arms Race: A front page investigative story in the Washington Post this week sounded the warning that is central to the Beyond Nuclear message: the spread of nuclear energy around the world could spark a new nuclear arms race. The article, written by Joby Warrick, made a number of key points, including that “nuclear power can give a country the technological expertise and infrastructure that could become the foundation for a clandestine weapons program.”
Our View: Missing from this otherwise excellent and timely piece was the fact that global nuclear promotion is not only the purview of nuclear corporations but also – and inappropriately – the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This came most chillingly to light when former NRC Commissioner, Jeffrey Merrifield, told an industry and regulatory conference last year that the agency needed to take a more proactive role in “international partnerships” for the development of nuclear power and “an increased role in promoting strengthened nuclear regulators worldwide,” including to the military junta of Burma.
What You Can Do: Help Beyond Nuclear continue to expose the flagrant industry bias of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Burma needs aid not atoms. Insist that your Congressional representatives hold the NRC accountable – as is their mandate – for its consistent rubber-stamping of nuclear industry initiatives that increase proliferation dangers worldwide.