Nuclear interests pull a big switch

via Harold Marcuse.

Nuclear interests pull a big switch - Los Angeles Times: "EFFORT HALTED: Barrack Obama, spurred by public outrage against the Braidwood nuclear plant in Illinois, introduced a bill requiring disclosure of radioactive discharges. The 2006 measure, lobbied by one of the candidate's donors, ultimately stalled.
The industry, which backed GOP candidates in past elections, gives large sums to Obama and Clinton.
By Dan Morain and Maloy Moore, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
February 3, 2008
Looking back, Joseph Cosgrove said he was naive to think that Sen. Barack Obama could require that nuclear power plant operators publicly disclose any radioactive releases."

This Sunday's LA Times had a report on the nuclear industries' donations to
each candidate.

The print edition summarizes the contributions in a graphic
not included in the online version (the beginning of which is inserted
below). It starts with the previous 3 election cycles, then each candidate:
1999-00: $79,375 to dems
$231,469 to reps
2003-04: $213,469 to dems
$678,172 to reps
2007 : $536,300 for dems
$293,912 for reps
Obama: 265,816
Clinton 166,360
Mccain 107,500
Romney 87,674