Ahead of the Bell:Nuclear Plant Security

Ahead of the Bell:Nuclear Plant Security: "WASHINGTON

Representatives from the companies and agencies involved in last year's high-profile case of security guards caught nodding off at a nuclear power plant will be on Capitol Hill Thursday.

Congressional members and officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Exelon Corp. and Wackenhut, the guards' employer, will examine security and government oversight at a Senate subcommittee hearing scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. EST.

After guards at the Peach Bottom plant in Pennsylvania were found to be sleeping on the job, Chicago-based utility Exelon Corp. said Wackenhut would be out of its 10 nuclear plants by July, and an in-house security force would take over. Officials from Wackenhut, a subsidiary of British based security giant G4S PLC, have called the guards' behavior an 'anomaly.'

Since the Peach Bottom incident, the NRC has asked commercial nuclear power plant operators for more information about their security. The agency in October confirmed guards at the plant had been sleeping on the job, but all parties have said reviews showed the plant's security was never in jeopardy.

Pennsylvania Sens. Robert Casey and Arlen Specter are expected to testify before the Senate subcommittee on clean air and nuclear safety, along with NRC Chairman Dale Klein, and executives from both Exelon and G4S Regulated Security Solutions."