Windham Regional Energy Commission VT - Hearings

Public Hearing on ENVY's Petition to extend operation to 2032
January 7
6:30 pm
Quality Inn, 1380 Putney Rd, Brattleboro, VT

Entergy presented a Petition to extend operations of VY to 2032 on Dec 13th,

Now it is your chance to express your concerns about the extended operations of

Why isn't Entergy contributing to the decommissioning funds?
Why aren't there enough to cover the cost of decommissioning in 2012?
Wind Turbines are required to have all decommissioning costs set aside prior to
Why is ENVY's generation tax lower than the tax on wind energy?
Where is all the high level radioactive waste going to be stored? and how? Who
is going to mind the reactor when it is shut down? Is Energy going to be here
in 40 yrs when they project to SAFSTOR the waste?
The Energy Forums conducted throughout the state showed that Vermonters want VY
shut down. And most are willing to pay more for electricity if it was from
renewable sources.

check Windham Regional Energy Commission website for more information on ENVY's