Markets, Democracy & Survival ROY MORRISON,new book

Roy Morrison's new book on ecological consumption taxes: Markets, Democracy & Survival is now online at www.RMAenergy.net for free download of advance and review copies.Roy Morrison is Director of the Office for Sustainability at Southern New Hampshire University.

Formal publication date by Writer's Publishing Cooperative www.essentialbooks.com is Dec. 1, 2007. (See early praise for Markets, Democracy & Survival below.)

Market's Democracy & Survival lays out a plan for the U.S. to replace all taxes on income (personal, corporate and payroll) with a new 18% ecological value added tax or E-VAT on all goods and services. There will be no more IRS and no more individual tax returns. This is a market based solution for the global warming and sustainability challenge of the 21st century.

Ecological taxes can make economic growth mean ecological improvement, not ecological destruction. This is the true meaning and challenge of sustainability today. Our hearts tell us what we should do. Prices tell us what we will do.

Ecological consumption taxes, phased in over ten years, will make sustainable goods cost less, gain market share, and have higher rates of profit. What's polluting will cost more and lose market share and have lower rates of profit.

Markets, Democracy & Survival includes details of a negative income tax to respond to the regressive nature of consumption taxation by making sure, at a minimum, that current tax r burdens on the 40% of households with lowest income do not increase.The book also outlines plans for a National Trust to overcome market failures and invest in sustainability.

Roy Morrison's other books include Eco Civiliztion 2140, Tax Pollutiuon, Not Income, Ecological Democracy, Ecological Investigations, We Bruild the Road as We Travel.

Early praise for Markets, Democracy & Survival:

Markets, Democracy & Survival is bold, provocative, and optimistic.This is essential reading for anyone interested in forging a sustainable future.
– Sonia Shah, Author of Crude: The Story of Oil

Roy Morrison goes beyond the abstract notions of sustainability and proposes a bold ecological value added tax in which markets promote sound environmental policies and economic growth.Morrison is lucid and convincing, using clear examples and practical ideas to make his case.
–Michael Swack, Dean School of Community Economic Development,
Southern New Hampshire University

Long before today’s public concerns with global warming, Roy Morrison has worked to heighten our awareness of environmental and ecological issues. Morrison’s new book Markets, Democracy & Survival keeps him well ahead of the curve by detailing a range of bold but practical and market-based ideas to address the problems.The book is a must for activists, legislators, and all who want to move beyond consciousness-raising to facing the hard questions about what can be done.
–Prof. David Ellerman, Visiting Scholar University of California at Riverside
formerly Economic Adviser to Chief Economist World Bank

Imagine eliminating the personal and corporate income tax, the payroll tax and most federal tax returns for working Americans.Every so often an idea for sweeping change merits priority consideration. Consider Roy Morrison’s ecological value added tax and
decide whether it is better to tax what we do not want, pollution, rather than what we do want, earnings and savings.
–Jim Rubens