The Office of Sustainability at Southern New Hampshire University will be holding a comprehensive seminar: Generating A Renewable Energy Hedge. (see PDF)

SNHU has recently negotiated a path breaking 15-year renewable energy hedge with PPM Energy, Inc. that changes energy for SNHU from a variable to a fixed cost, offsets 100% of energy carbon emissions, and supports renewable energy development.

The seminar: Generating A Renewable Energy Hedge will give CEOs, CFOs, Energy and Facility Managers, City and Town Managers, an understanding of renewable energy hedges and the tools to move forward.

Thursday, July 19, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
SNHU Robert Frost Hall, Walker Auditorium Lunch – SNHU Hospitality Center Restaurant
Cost: $50
Contact: sutainability@snhu.edu
Roy Morrison, Director Office of Sustainability

The SNHU-PPM renewable energy hedge includes, first, a financial swap for energy. The net SNHU annual budget for natural gas and electricity for the amount hedged will be flat for 15 years come future Katrinas or energy supply disruptions.

The hedge, second, includes a purchase or RECs that will make SNHU 100% carbon neutral for 15 years, offsetting current and expected future carbon from campus electricity and natural gas.

During this seminar you'll learn:

• the basics about renewable energy hedges.
• renewable energy hedges from the energy user’s perspective.
• renewable energy hedges from thedeveloper’s perspective.
• how to accurately size, analyze and predict renewable energy hedge performance.
• about legal considerations andaccounting practices.
• about energy efficiency and distributed generation strategies.
• about cooperative user groups for renewable energy hedge and energy

After the seminar, you’ll understand:
• the difference between a long-term power purchase and a hedge financial
• why renewable energy hedges control both electricity and natural gas costs.
• why the renewable energy hedge isno free lunch, but is a great longterm
energy cost control measurewith minimal out-of-pocket expenses.
• why renewable energy hedges between an energy user in New England and a developer in NewYork state or Pennsylvania can work.
• why renewable energy hedges arenot subject to FAS-133 accountingrules for derivatives.
• how to size the renewable energy hedge you need and predict it’s
monthly economic performance for the next 15 years under widely varying
future energy price scenarios.
• how the renewable energy hedgemay offset carbon emissions andreduce long-term regulatory risk.
• how users can organize cooperativegroups to economically purchase hedges and buy energy.

The 15-year renewable energy hedge agreement between SNHU and PPM Energy represents the emergence of a new model that satisfies the triple bottom line of sustainability: the economic, the ecological and the social. For energy
users the hedge can flatten electricity andnatural gas budgets, support renewable energydevelopment and voluntarily offset carbon emissions. For the energy developer, the hedge provides needed long-term cash flows at better
terms than those available from conventionalpower purchase agreements with utilities and power marketers.

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