2007 World Directory of Nuclear Utility Management (19th edition)

2007 World Directory of Nuclear Utility Management ( click title to order !)

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2007 · Softcover · 216 pages Price: $300.00

The 2007 World Directory of Nuclear Utility Management (19th edition), compiled by the editors of Nuclear News, is a handy desk reference that lists key personnel at nuclear utility headquarters and nuclear plant sites. Listings include plant managers, maintenance superintendents, radwaste managers, security directors, contacts for purchasing and public relations, and more. Worldwide plant listings, which are arranged alphabetically by country and utility, include operating plants, as well as those under construction and those being decommissioned.

The directory's utility listings are also available on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains all of the names, titles, and addresses of the utility and plant individuals listed in the directory. The files on the CD-ROM can be imported into almost any commercial database software, allowing for sorting by various fields, such as job title, zip code, etc. The directory is available in the paperback print version, or in a print/CD-ROM combination (the CD-ROM version is not available separately).

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