Obama was at the gym...

Hi Everyone;
Obama was at the gym in Kennett High in Conway this afternoon, speaking for 30 minutes to about 500 people, then answering seven questions.

This was mine: "I'm encouraged by the way the climate change issue is gaining traction this year. For example, 164 New Hampshire towns passed resolutions this spring urging their representatives to take action to seriously address the problem. Unfortunately, our crisis is seen by the nuclear power industry as their opportunity for a resurgence. How can we craft a national energy policy centered on safe, renewable energy, and not allow it to be hijacked by the nuclear industry?"

Notes from his response: "There's no silver bullet to solve our energy problems. I wish there was but there isn't." I love solar power but it can't solve our problems alone. We need to cut energy consumption and increase fuel efficiency. We need to come up with a fuel with low carbon emissions, and cap power plant emissions. "There is a place for nuclear power at the table, but it can't be the only solution." It's got its own problems: what to do with the waste, vulnerability to terrorism. Selling energy credits could generate money to invest in renewables.

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